The story behind OctoChargeCalc

One of the benefits of hosting the website is that I also hold my own ever-growing database with Octopus Agile tariff data going back to February 2018 for each of the 14 different regional areas.

That's 48 data points per day (ie one for each 30 mins slot) x 14 regional areas x over 2 years! I make that around half a million pricing entries (and counting!)

Then its a similar story data-wise for the Agile Outgoing / Export tariff data too.

So rather than me having to make API calls to Octopus for the info, I can make local database calls. I can also create my own SQL style queries against the data.

So this got me thinking, how could I use this data to better help potential customers realise the savings from Agile?

Whilst the static graphs I can create over at are eye opening, I wanted to crate something that could be a bit more bespoke.

Two groups of users sprang to mind, EV owners and those with on-site batteries. Note I have not said Solar PV batteries, as I think many folk are considering a standalone battery without ever attaching it to PV. ie, charge it cheap from the grid to cover more expensive periods.

As detailed on my blog, the website was a bit of a learning curve with lots of new skills acquired along with way. But this, the OctoChargeCalc website is on a whole other level, it was my lockdown project!! I've never had to create anything web-based from scratch. The energy-stats site was easy to get up and running as it was Wordpress under the hood, so it did an awful lot for you. But I couldn't use that in this instance.

I chose to use Flask web-framework as its based on Python which I already used to create most of the API calls and database uploads for the main site. So at least it was a programming language I was sort of familiar with, but certainly no expert in!!

This new website has definitely been brought to you via Google searches, Stack Overflow, Reddit and whole host of other online courses and YouTube videos!!

All that said then, please bear this in mind when using the site. I'm no web-designer, I have no artist flair. This is very much a meat and potatoes website. It shows you what you need to see without the fluff or bells and whistles.

If you do have any comments or suggestions please drop me a note using the contact form on the main site.

Cheers, Mick

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